Your Wedding Day - Think about your Guests

September 22, 2016

It is your big day and you want your wedding to go a specific way.  Part of your wedding day will be the friends and family that surround and support you.  Some may be traveling from quite a distance and all will be giving up a significant portion of their time so thinking about a few details will enable them to spend as much time with you as possible and have a great time celebrating your marriage.  

  1. Give them time to prepare:  Those in your life who are invited to spend your big day with you will want to do so.  As soon as your date is secured get the word out.  Give them as much time to save-the-date and make travel plans is important so they can mark their calendar.  

  2. Provide a detailed agenda:  If you are going to have an elaborate celebration including multiple locations and events, make sure everyone has a detailed agenda with directions.  

  3. If you have out of town guests then it is critical you secure a block of rooms at a hotel. Be sure to include these details with your invitations including booking deadlines.  Think about small treats to leave them in a hotel goodie bags including bottles of water and snacks from local establishments.  If appropriate you can also include maps, magazines, and sunscreen.  

  4. Make transportation and parking as easy as you can.  Detailed directions can help as can shuttle busses, reserved spaces in garages, and easy access to events from hotels.  

  5. Weddings can be expensive for guests from out of town, and if they have to then pay for meals it may prohibit them from attending.  Feeding guests does not have to be elaborate but it will give them a place to be and take care of their food for the time they are there to be with you.  You can ask a close friend or family member to host a bagel brunch, invite all out of town guests to the rehearsal dinner, and hold informal lunches.  Just make sure they feel included.  

  6. The time between the ceremony and the start of your reception can be complicated.  Often there needs to be a gap but if it takes too long guests are stuck hanging out somewhere and could be exhausted or too full before your reception.  If you must have a gap then give them a great option on how to spend the time.  

  7. No one likes to leave a wedding with their ears ringing so keep your music levels in check.  While older guests will never be happy do not just cater to a younger crowd.  You can turn up the volume later in the evening as the older folks leave and make sure to seat them away from the music speakers.  

  8. Keep in mind that while everyone wants a beautiful sunny day for their wedding Mother Nature may have very different ideas.  Make sure there is plenty of shade and provide water bottles in hot weather.  Portable air conditioners and heating units should be used to keep guests comfortable.  

  9. My last tip is about table seatings.  I know these can be stressful.  Think about any personality conflicts and long-standing tiffs and plan accordingly.  If you have a group of single friends you might want them to sit together rather.  Many couples feel it is fun to mix up groups of friends so they can meet new people, but most of the time your guests will be more comfortable around familiar faces.  

Remember, you can not make everyone happy but try your best to keep your guests feeling welcomed and thought of during your celebration.  An important part of their comfort is making sure you day progresses smoothly and problems are handled.  Music gets too loud, a shuttle bus does not appear, waters bottles are forgotten, and a extra place-setting is needed at a table.  This is where I am here to help you.  My day of wedding services take care of the details so you do not have to worry. 

September 22, 2016