Four Destination Wedding Details You Can’t Overlook

October 27, 2016

A destination wedding offers the best of both worlds: a life changing event that celebrates your love for each other at a spectacular location that you and your guests may remember for a lifetime. All we have to do is get it done.

Like any wedding, a destination wedding requires critical attention to details.  This is especially true when you go the trouble, time and expense of not only planning a trip but your wedding that will be held during a vacation.

When guests are spending their money to travel for your wedding, taking days off from work and even making their vacation fit with your plans, they should be considered in your plans.

Here are some issues that need to be considered.

  1. Weather

Many destination weddings are held in the Caribbean where, most of the time, the weather is great. Most notably the weather may not be so great during hurricane season (June through November, September has had the most hurricanes). Just as in any outdoor wedding there needs to be an indoor Plan B. Travel insurance is also a good idea in case the weather becomes truly bad.

  1. Cost

Normally the marrying couple and/or the bride’s parents and/or both sets of parents will pay for the ceremony and the reception. The guests at most destination weddings are responsible for travel costs and lodging. Depending on your location and the wealth of your friends and family this could substantially cut down on the number of guests. If the wedding will be at a hotel or resort finding less expensive lodging options nearby will help guests contain their spending.

  1. Accessibility

There are many breathtaking locations that would be spectacular spots for a wedding but what will it take to get there? Can most guests get there with a direct flight? If not, how many layovers or connections would be required? Once they arrive at the destination country how easy will it be to get to the wedding location? This can be an especially big issue for guests or family members who have difficulty with mobility.

  1. Legality of marriage

There have been instances where marriages performed overseas weren’t recognized by local authorities. If the right paperwork is properly done a valid marriage in another country should be recognized here. To avoid the problem you could have a simple, bare bones, civil ceremony locally at minimal cost before the trip.

Destination weddings add some wrinkles to wedding planning but don’t let that stop you if a destination wedding is right for you. Call us today at 215-285-7892 so we can talk about your plans and how we can put them into action.

October 27, 2016