Coordinating Your Vendors the Day of Your Wedding

September 20, 2016

As you plan your wedding here in the Philadelphia area, you will be meeting with many potential vendors learning how their services might work for your big day.   In addition to the service they provide you will want to ensure that they fit in with the feel of your wedding and can work with the schedule.  

What should you look for when initially talking with vendors and signing contracts?  Make sure you read each contract thoroughly and ask questions when you do not understand part of the contract.   You can amend certain parts if you are not happy with the wording and always make sure that the specific details of your wedding are included.  Take special note of times and locations on all contracts.  What time do you want the photographer at your home, remember the florist must arrive before pictures!  You also want to take note of costs, for basic services and then enhancements along the way.  For instance, some couples decide to extend their wedding reception, and that should be clearly outlined in the original contract.  Expectations on dress of all vendors should be clear.  If you are having an elegant affair overlooking the water in downtown Philadelphia may want your photographer in a tuxedo.

Having all of these details ironed out beforehand will make for a much more successful wedding day.  Your next step will be coordinating all of the vendors to ensure they work together to understand their role as well as how they can interact with each other and then getting everyone to follow your schedule.  

This is where my services are used, coordinating your day-of-wedding schedule to ensure it goes as you have planned.  When we work together I take care of the details.  I review all contracts beforehand and note details, times and look for problems that need to be addressed before the wedding. Does the limo driver have the right addresses and does the DJ have your playlist in time?  I keep the contracts on hand to reference for any problems - for instance if the band decides to leave early or claims there is an additional charge for their travel.  I also maintain a list of vendors including cell phone numbers and stay in contact with them to ensure their safe and timely arrival.  From the officiant, limo driver, florist, photographer, caterer, and any musicians or DJ, I keep everyone on schedule and to their word. 

September 20, 2016